Monday, June 20, 2011


  I was born and raised in NYC. The lights, people, traffic,and, thousands of stores have always, been intoxicating to me. Night life in New York City is the most exiting of any city in the world and just draws you in with all it's options. The restaurants, the clubs, the fact that you actually have places that you can be served food at five in the morning, and I don't mean McDonald's.
  The best shopping in the world can be found on 5th Avenue, prices that would make you gag , but dream of the possibilities at the same time. What if ? What if I work harder, change my career, hit the lottery, these are just some of the things you think of as you see the beautiful clothes and the beautiful people wearing them.
  The end of your walk up 5th you run into an oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. The largest park in the middle of any city, Central Park is full of summer fun. The joggers, bike riders, children, picnickers, all soaking up the sun.  You can ice skate in the winter, go to the zoo in the summer. who else has a park like that.
  Lets walk back, no let's take the train back downtown. A cab would be nice so you can see the sites but, the train , 20 blocks in 2 minutes, you can't beat that.  Now let's shower , change and get ready for a literally hundreds of parties. It's mind boggling. The city at night is so sexy, everyone is dressed for dinner, plays, and clubs. Little dresses and high heels are the uniform for the night and , that  attracts all the men. Add all those elements together and you have very , very, sexy!
  A Hairstylist in NYC gets to experience all this excitement first hand.  The stories, invitations, galas, celebrities, are the reasons a hairstylist like myself wants to be in NYC and , these are also the reason this hairstylist is staying .
  I moved to Ossining NY, about 45 minutes north of the city, right on the Hudson River. It is absolutely beautiful in the summer and memorizing in the winter. Every morning  the birds start to sing about 4am and , it is the most wonderful way to wake up. The trees start to change color in the fall and it looks like a beautiful painting. When it snows your looking at a winter wonderland were a deer could walk past you at any moment. You'd think your in another part of the country.
 Living up there is great , but if I could I would move into midtown in a heartbeat. I know it sounds crazy because, the city is so expensive, crowded, niosy and, some say dirty, some even say dangerous. I love the energy, that is what makes my heart beat.
  My salon is on 39th Street and I would love to walk around the corner, or a block or two to my apartment. Of coarse I have to make a lot of money to afford a descent size place in the city. That brings me back to my main point. New York City , the city of  hope, and dreams is the city of my motivation.

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