Monday, June 13, 2011


 Your heart is the center of your emotional spirit. The beat changes whenever you approach the person you want the most. Your brain is what helps you prioritize, reason, and regulate your excitement and enthusiasm.
 The heart and the brain are at odds sometimes, because your breathing changes but, your brain tells you to calm down. You know there are so many things you want to say, so many feelings you want to experience, but that damn brain asks you, should I say that right now? Maybe now is not a good time, or it might be too soon.
  Your heart makes you feel like melting inside of a person, thinking of nothing but that moment. Staying out all night, taking off from work and disappearing with them.The brain says you can't do that, what if they don't feel the same. I can't take another day off anyway, I might have to talk to HR.
  Chemistry is when your heart tells your brain to fuck off and, the person you want the most is having the same brain malfunction. If you both can find the time and space at the same moment to feel the same way. That is passion

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