Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Other Hairstylist

  Why do some of my clients insist on going to the corner to get there hair done when they can't see me. I said you can get a shampoo and set at the corner in between visits, thats ok!. I know my prices are not cheep and sometimes I'm booked. I also know some of you live farther away and can't make it to me.
  I have clients that I have done for 25 years and they have never went anywhere else, so I know you can keep away from the corner when you need chemicals. That's all I'm talking about. You never know the level of expertice that you recieve at the corner, and you know what I mean when I say "THE CORNER". Your cut might not be right, your color will usually be off and highlights forget it.
  The main thing that I'm against at the corner is letting them do your realaxer. That is almost as bad as you doing it yourself. I can't count the amount of times my clients have come back to me with damaged hair, or I'll ask why their hair looks like this and they say they don't know. After probing I find they had some work done, either the wrong relaxer, or overlapping, or to strong a color.
  Please take the time to make your appointments in advance. If the occational emergency pops up, call me. I can still advise you on what relaxer to get, what to look out for as far as the application, and what conditioner to take with you.
  Trust me I don't want every dime you have, and that's why I want you in my chair all the time. I want you to realize it cost's a lot more in time, and money when I have to repair what someone else has done to you. While I'm on that subject let me also mention it's ok to call me on my cell when your sister or girfriend tries to talk you into getting their color or their straightener. THEY DON"T HAVE YOUR TEXTURE OR SKIN COLOR. You can not do what they do, most of the time. CALL ME!

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