Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

  I talk to many  people daily in my salon. My clients, other stylists clients, my coworkers, etc. All types of conversations about all types of subjects, and the the one thing I find common among most people is that they are waiting for something.
 We all desire things in life, we all have goals, dreams ,wants and needs. Everyone makes lists and schedules, take notes, memo's in blackberry's, all in an effort to prepare for something they should have started yesterday. There is always a day or a date, that is better than right now. WHY?
  Don't get me wrong, I was like that at one time in my life, so I know it makes the days move in slow motion. When you DO, instead of think of doing, Start instead of thinking about starting, something begins to happen.
  If I see something I want, I go get it, if it is difficult or resistant, I take it. I'm hungry and I stay hungry, so if I have a goal or a need, I can't make lists or schedules. Eliminate it off your list by taking it off of the schedule and do it now.
  Oh! break it down? OK , here it goes..... Stop eating those carbs late at night, put that soda down, kick the fried food to the curb. Start that exercise program today, right damn now! Stop spending money you don't have, begin that savings account. Send those shoes back , you know that credit card is almost maxed out. Show up for work on time today and every day get serious about what you do, so others can be serious about you.
  Talk to that family member or friend let them know whats on your mind, why put it off.  Communicate to your boss, or employee how you feel. Let the guy in your life know what time it is, don't take no more shit. Tell that other person that you love them before something happens. Tell that other person you need them before they leave, or tell that person to leave before they stay.
  You have to start praying? What the hell are you talking about? Pray now.

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