Monday, June 20, 2011


  I was born and raised in NYC. The lights, people, traffic,and, thousands of stores have always, been intoxicating to me. Night life in New York City is the most exiting of any city in the world and just draws you in with all it's options. The restaurants, the clubs, the fact that you actually have places that you can be served food at five in the morning, and I don't mean McDonald's.
  The best shopping in the world can be found on 5th Avenue, prices that would make you gag , but dream of the possibilities at the same time. What if ? What if I work harder, change my career, hit the lottery, these are just some of the things you think of as you see the beautiful clothes and the beautiful people wearing them.
  The end of your walk up 5th you run into an oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. The largest park in the middle of any city, Central Park is full of summer fun. The joggers, bike riders, children, picnickers, all soaking up the sun.  You can ice skate in the winter, go to the zoo in the summer. who else has a park like that.
  Lets walk back, no let's take the train back downtown. A cab would be nice so you can see the sites but, the train , 20 blocks in 2 minutes, you can't beat that.  Now let's shower , change and get ready for a literally hundreds of parties. It's mind boggling. The city at night is so sexy, everyone is dressed for dinner, plays, and clubs. Little dresses and high heels are the uniform for the night and , that  attracts all the men. Add all those elements together and you have very , very, sexy!
  A Hairstylist in NYC gets to experience all this excitement first hand.  The stories, invitations, galas, celebrities, are the reasons a hairstylist like myself wants to be in NYC and , these are also the reason this hairstylist is staying .
  I moved to Ossining NY, about 45 minutes north of the city, right on the Hudson River. It is absolutely beautiful in the summer and memorizing in the winter. Every morning  the birds start to sing about 4am and , it is the most wonderful way to wake up. The trees start to change color in the fall and it looks like a beautiful painting. When it snows your looking at a winter wonderland were a deer could walk past you at any moment. You'd think your in another part of the country.
 Living up there is great , but if I could I would move into midtown in a heartbeat. I know it sounds crazy because, the city is so expensive, crowded, niosy and, some say dirty, some even say dangerous. I love the energy, that is what makes my heart beat.
  My salon is on 39th Street and I would love to walk around the corner, or a block or two to my apartment. Of coarse I have to make a lot of money to afford a descent size place in the city. That brings me back to my main point. New York City , the city of  hope, and dreams is the city of my motivation.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not Just a Hairstylst

 A woman tells me I'm the first person she goes to see, out of the hospital. Another client says she comes straight to her man when she gets  off of a plain, ME. One of my oldest clients, and she is only 45, says I'm the most important man in her life. I have outlasted 3 of her husbands, and we have been together for 21 years.  I've gone to weddings, funerals, cookouts, boat rides, bus rides, bachelor parties, sweet sixteen, baptisms, graduations and, Anniversary's. All in an effort to support my clients.
  I hear their cries 's , their pain, the stories that you don't tell family members. The health details, sex scandals, money fiasco's, credit nightmares, weight issues. Marvin A. Carrington has heared just about every story that humans can think up, in the last 32 years.
  I know God has placed me in this position to touch lives. I've been bleesed with many experiences, I have lived life and watch others live life. I do watch carefully and learn, so I don't reapeat my mistakes, or others. Being a hairstylst has put me in a unique position to observe each of my clients situations objectivly, and if asked,  I give sound advice.
  The one thing that amazes me is what they tell me. Sometimes in a relively shout period of time I get all the juice. It makes me feel good for whatever reason, that they feel compfortable trusting me with there deepest secrets, I feel comfortable guarding that information. I feel honored knowing that I've touched that many lives in a good way and will continue to do so.

Monday, June 13, 2011


 Your heart is the center of your emotional spirit. The beat changes whenever you approach the person you want the most. Your brain is what helps you prioritize, reason, and regulate your excitement and enthusiasm.
 The heart and the brain are at odds sometimes, because your breathing changes but, your brain tells you to calm down. You know there are so many things you want to say, so many feelings you want to experience, but that damn brain asks you, should I say that right now? Maybe now is not a good time, or it might be too soon.
  Your heart makes you feel like melting inside of a person, thinking of nothing but that moment. Staying out all night, taking off from work and disappearing with them.The brain says you can't do that, what if they don't feel the same. I can't take another day off anyway, I might have to talk to HR.
  Chemistry is when your heart tells your brain to fuck off and, the person you want the most is having the same brain malfunction. If you both can find the time and space at the same moment to feel the same way. That is passion

Color Me

  Hair coloring is one of my passions I've been a colorist for 20 years, but really did not excel until I joined the Joico Color Team about 12 years ago. I worked with Joico as an educator for 3 years, training other hairstylist to use Joico properly.
 One of the most rewarding services I provide is one in which a woman can leave my salon brand new. I watch them leave and,  the walk is different, they feel beautiful. I love that but, there are rules that must be followed or the results can cause dryness and breakage.
  First lets understand the rules of color. A color rinse lasts from shampoo to shampoo, about a week, very temporary. A simi permanent color lasts about four weeks and is meant to brighten, add a different hue, or enhance an existing shade. Demi permanent color lasts six to eight weeks, has no ammonia, but does have a tiny amount of peroxide. Demi is best for gray coverage. None of these colors lighten hair they only deposit color.
 Now permanent color is mixed with , 10, 20, 30, 40, volume peroxide. The lowest volume makes the color permanent but only deposits color, there is no lightening. Great for making hair darker,or enhancing existing color. The other volumes increase the lightening power the higher you go but, the higher you go the dryer you get.
  I try not to use 30 and 40 on relaxed hair but, there in lies the dilemma. Most women who want color do want to go light and can't get the lighter shades if they are relaxed. Natural hair, if in good shape can go as light as the client wants.
 Then you have bleach which can cause extreme damage if not used professionally. Permanent color only lightens hair four to five shades. If you want the blond shades the hair has to be prelightened and then the shade of color you want is then applied. What we do is create a clear pallet to paint. Not recommended for relaxed hair.                                                                                                              Now deep conditioning is a must. Hot oil treatments and protein conditioners should be alternated every shampoo. A good leave in conditioner should be used before you dry your hair. Serums work well to add moisture and protect the hair from the elements.
 The texture of your hair makes all the difference in the world, that's why your color should  always be done by a pro. If you have inconsistencies in your relaxer, ( different textures), dry or frizzy natural hair of fine hair, you need extra attention.
  Do your research color can change your life or, just change the texture and quality of your hair.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

  I talk to many  people daily in my salon. My clients, other stylists clients, my coworkers, etc. All types of conversations about all types of subjects, and the the one thing I find common among most people is that they are waiting for something.
 We all desire things in life, we all have goals, dreams ,wants and needs. Everyone makes lists and schedules, take notes, memo's in blackberry's, all in an effort to prepare for something they should have started yesterday. There is always a day or a date, that is better than right now. WHY?
  Don't get me wrong, I was like that at one time in my life, so I know it makes the days move in slow motion. When you DO, instead of think of doing, Start instead of thinking about starting, something begins to happen.
  If I see something I want, I go get it, if it is difficult or resistant, I take it. I'm hungry and I stay hungry, so if I have a goal or a need, I can't make lists or schedules. Eliminate it off your list by taking it off of the schedule and do it now.
  Oh! break it down? OK , here it goes..... Stop eating those carbs late at night, put that soda down, kick the fried food to the curb. Start that exercise program today, right damn now! Stop spending money you don't have, begin that savings account. Send those shoes back , you know that credit card is almost maxed out. Show up for work on time today and every day get serious about what you do, so others can be serious about you.
  Talk to that family member or friend let them know whats on your mind, why put it off.  Communicate to your boss, or employee how you feel. Let the guy in your life know what time it is, don't take no more shit. Tell that other person that you love them before something happens. Tell that other person you need them before they leave, or tell that person to leave before they stay.
  You have to start praying? What the hell are you talking about? Pray now.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Best of the Best

 I did a lot of partying when I was younger, hanging out and getting high. I thought I was having fun and to be honest at that time I was. As I got older I realized my lifestyle was great for the that day, that moment in time , but what about tomorrow. I made a lot of money and could not see were it went because, I was living for the fun of it.
 The one blessing I did have is that I loved my chosen profession, I loved being a hairstylist, I loved people. I was grown, very grown, but not grown up. I met someone who gave me a different outlook on life. She dedicated her life to helping other people gain control of there's. Watching someone give so much of themselves with little return baffled me. She did not make a lot of money, but what she told me is when you change a life it's the most rewarding feeling in the world.
  I don't have the kind of profession that changes lives, or do I? I can change a life one at a time, by making someone feel special, making them feel good about themselves. Giving advice on whatever I have experience in. Learning my craft so well that I can guide anyone through  their hair issues. A woman's hair is he number one beauty concern, and that can change some women's lives if I can give them something they never had before. Prompt, reliable, attentive, service, with education. Learning about how to be the best they can be.
  I eventually needed help so I started my assistant program. I did not choose the best candidate, I chose the one that needed the most help. The one that was not polished or articulate, so I can give them an opportunity they otherwise would not have.
  While all this was happening I changed my lifestyle, started associating myself with the best  people I could find. Those I could lean from. People of integrity, honor, wisdom . I learned that you are who you associate with. I do still have friends from the past but I learn my life's lessons from people who can improve my future.
 I keep a lot of people in my life for a different reasons. You get smart from watching other people make mistakes, you get wise from making your own and, you avoid the mistakes from being around the best of the best.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Mistress

  I have a mistress, I admit it. We've been together for almost 32 years. She has never cheated on me in all this time. I've had many girlfriends and two wives since we've been together, but she knows how special she is to me. If you ever see a glaze in my eye or I'm temporarily lost during a conversation it's because I'm thinking of her. I study her all the time trying to think of new ways to please her, new ways to add spice to our relationship. I have to keep it new at all costs, because I can't let her get board with me. In turn she constantly challenges me to give her more, to keep it new, to surprise her with my imagination. I don't know what I would do without her, she has made me the man that I am today, and to my very core I thank her for the passion she has given my life. This is a relationship that will never be broken.
  I wish sometimes I could show others how to succeed in a relationship for so long, no matter what else happens in your life. The concentration, consistency, determination, dedication, and love we have for each other has kept our bond as strong as steel. In this life time and on to the next I will never let her go.
My Mistress.....HAIRSTYLING!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Other Hairstylist

  Why do some of my clients insist on going to the corner to get there hair done when they can't see me. I said you can get a shampoo and set at the corner in between visits, thats ok!. I know my prices are not cheep and sometimes I'm booked. I also know some of you live farther away and can't make it to me.
  I have clients that I have done for 25 years and they have never went anywhere else, so I know you can keep away from the corner when you need chemicals. That's all I'm talking about. You never know the level of expertice that you recieve at the corner, and you know what I mean when I say "THE CORNER". Your cut might not be right, your color will usually be off and highlights forget it.
  The main thing that I'm against at the corner is letting them do your realaxer. That is almost as bad as you doing it yourself. I can't count the amount of times my clients have come back to me with damaged hair, or I'll ask why their hair looks like this and they say they don't know. After probing I find they had some work done, either the wrong relaxer, or overlapping, or to strong a color.
  Please take the time to make your appointments in advance. If the occational emergency pops up, call me. I can still advise you on what relaxer to get, what to look out for as far as the application, and what conditioner to take with you.
  Trust me I don't want every dime you have, and that's why I want you in my chair all the time. I want you to realize it cost's a lot more in time, and money when I have to repair what someone else has done to you. While I'm on that subject let me also mention it's ok to call me on my cell when your sister or girfriend tries to talk you into getting their color or their straightener. THEY DON"T HAVE YOUR TEXTURE OR SKIN COLOR. You can not do what they do, most of the time. CALL ME!

Friends and Business

  I had a close friend that I gave a huge discount to. After a  year or so of cutting and coloring her hair, I decided to reduce the discount, I still didn't charge her full price, but had to start somewhere. The funny thing is that we both can't really remember why she got such a large discount, but for whatever reason she did not like my decision.
  She told me we were not friends anymore. First of all we had stopped talking like we used to, and had really became friendly, intead of friends. I had to really look at my decision and see if I was being unfair. Then I said, wait a minute, is it me or is it you. Did you just call me a friend because I gave you a great price? Did you not appriciate my expertice, my 28 years of experience, all the compliments you recieved?
  I had to look at who I was talking to, a beautifyl girl, bright and sunny personality, but she had no friends. Is this how you handle a difference of opinion. "loose my number". No wonder you have no friends.
  Ultimately I did loose a client and a friend. It makes me sad, but I can't compimise my standards, my craft, my achievements, to hold on to a so called friend. The funny thing is if she needed, or still needs anything, I would be the first to come running. A friend is someone who never lets you down, not someone you use!