Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Best of the Best

 I did a lot of partying when I was younger, hanging out and getting high. I thought I was having fun and to be honest at that time I was. As I got older I realized my lifestyle was great for the that day, that moment in time , but what about tomorrow. I made a lot of money and could not see were it went because, I was living for the fun of it.
 The one blessing I did have is that I loved my chosen profession, I loved being a hairstylist, I loved people. I was grown, very grown, but not grown up. I met someone who gave me a different outlook on life. She dedicated her life to helping other people gain control of there's. Watching someone give so much of themselves with little return baffled me. She did not make a lot of money, but what she told me is when you change a life it's the most rewarding feeling in the world.
  I don't have the kind of profession that changes lives, or do I? I can change a life one at a time, by making someone feel special, making them feel good about themselves. Giving advice on whatever I have experience in. Learning my craft so well that I can guide anyone through  their hair issues. A woman's hair is he number one beauty concern, and that can change some women's lives if I can give them something they never had before. Prompt, reliable, attentive, service, with education. Learning about how to be the best they can be.
  I eventually needed help so I started my assistant program. I did not choose the best candidate, I chose the one that needed the most help. The one that was not polished or articulate, so I can give them an opportunity they otherwise would not have.
  While all this was happening I changed my lifestyle, started associating myself with the best  people I could find. Those I could lean from. People of integrity, honor, wisdom . I learned that you are who you associate with. I do still have friends from the past but I learn my life's lessons from people who can improve my future.
 I keep a lot of people in my life for a different reasons. You get smart from watching other people make mistakes, you get wise from making your own and, you avoid the mistakes from being around the best of the best.

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