Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not Just a Hairstylst

 A woman tells me I'm the first person she goes to see, out of the hospital. Another client says she comes straight to her man when she gets  off of a plain, ME. One of my oldest clients, and she is only 45, says I'm the most important man in her life. I have outlasted 3 of her husbands, and we have been together for 21 years.  I've gone to weddings, funerals, cookouts, boat rides, bus rides, bachelor parties, sweet sixteen, baptisms, graduations and, Anniversary's. All in an effort to support my clients.
  I hear their cries 's , their pain, the stories that you don't tell family members. The health details, sex scandals, money fiasco's, credit nightmares, weight issues. Marvin A. Carrington has heared just about every story that humans can think up, in the last 32 years.
  I know God has placed me in this position to touch lives. I've been bleesed with many experiences, I have lived life and watch others live life. I do watch carefully and learn, so I don't reapeat my mistakes, or others. Being a hairstylst has put me in a unique position to observe each of my clients situations objectivly, and if asked,  I give sound advice.
  The one thing that amazes me is what they tell me. Sometimes in a relively shout period of time I get all the juice. It makes me feel good for whatever reason, that they feel compfortable trusting me with there deepest secrets, I feel comfortable guarding that information. I feel honored knowing that I've touched that many lives in a good way and will continue to do so.

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