Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's a new day!

  Times have changed and hairstylists have to be ready for that change. In the 80's I bought a house with Jerry Curls. We had them backed up, maybe four to five a day. Those who really new how to do hair added the curls to their service list and made out like bandits. The late 80"s into the 90s were about the cuts and molded styles. I did updo's for days, finger waves, and pineapple waves, spiral sets and, straw sets, and the dooby was big. What would set a stylist apart from everyone was the cut, and that was my baby. The turn of the century was about talent. More and more people were getting education and it seemed like a lot of stylists could at least emulate what a great stylist did.
   The last ten years we've seen the biggest changes in the shortest amount of time. Color has been the big story, and not any color but specialized techniques, that must be learned. Hairstyles were more choppy and disconected, razor cutting was huge.  The new disconection and razorcutting caused people realized their hair didn't growing back as easy.
   Introducing the new weave. All types of foundations and extention techniques were being introduced. Now you can cut, color and chop away. Let's not forget about celebs and their lace front wigs. many woman wanted to be stars. Somewhere in this mix youtube bor a crop of wanna be stylists and stars, that taught people how to ruin their hair by doing it at home. Now everyone was getting jacked up, between the no lye lie at home, corner salon, weaves, lace fronts worn by the average no CD having woman, and wigs!
   The next natural prgression was the Natural. Women got fed up with disappearing hairlines and thinning hair. They wanted the fullness back.
   Now, between natural hair, locs, the Dominican at the corner, and youtube, and still wigs and some weaves, the new stylist has to be extra creative. Natural hair is a movement, trying to be a revolution. but nothing in the world is more fickle than a woman.
  Stylists, don't give up on your stying skills just yet. A new movement is coming!