Thursday, October 29, 2015

First of all, good morning to everyone I pray you have a blessed day.
Secondly in my usual fashion I have to speak my mind.
One of the biggest problems in this the hair industry and probably many others is this.
Too many people are worrying about other people, what they're doing or not doing when they themselves don't have their own shit together. Haters are never people doing better then anyone else. They are always on the come up, and what slows them down from coming up is they have too much to say about others, and it distracts them from progress. I know this to be fact because I watch the same people do the same things the same way for years.
My advice, focus on you for 90 days and watch your life changes!
Some of my brothers need to grow up. I see a woman walking down the street,  a guy try's to stop and ask her for her name. She doesn't respond or says she's not interested, and this ass calls her a stuck up bitch.
- Brothers stop asking random woman on the street for anything, they owe you nothing.
- Why continue to waste your time getting attention when the women you approach are always out of your league.
- if your dumb ass won't give a police officer your name because you have rights, why should a woman have to give your strange ass her name!
Wake up!
To all my people,
There are many misconceptions about blacks as a people as there are confusion about every other race. Yes we have our ignorant, uncultured, and uninformed as do all races. What bothers me is that our many accomplishments, patents, inventions, college graduates, successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, community leaders, doctorates, scientists, engineers, million, and yes Billionaires are being overshadowed by the stupid things we do on video. Bad news, and negativity always travel much faster than positivity and success. So the next time you see that world star video or any video that depicts the worst of us please don't share. When you share it, that's all the millions of people on social media in this and around the world  will ever know about us, and it's not a good look!
Things I don't understand:
-Why don't people drinking diet soda look like the people on TV drinking diet soda?
-Why do people who are single always have advice for people in relationships?
-Why do some woman want to beat up the woman their man is cheating with when it was their man doing the cheating,(and visa versa)?
-Why are parents with nasty mouths and nasty habits, confused by what their children do?
-Why are some people so quick to talk about people, and not talk to them?
-I'm over 50 and I've been hearing 400 years all my life. When are we as a people going to stop blaming our situations on something that happened almost 500 years ago?
- Why are so many people concerned with other peoples business?
Why do the people who have never been in business always know how you should run yours?
Why are men's pants so damn tight?
I teach my daughters, granddaughters and whomever else I  can, to be comfortable in their own skin. As a black women this is particularly important but, the understanding of comfortable in your own skin can be perceived in different ways. For me as a father and grandfather it means  to embrace what God gave you, but at the same time, be who you want to be. If you love your kinky curly hair then by all means rock it. If you want to change up and be bald, blonde, weaved, loc it, relaxed, braided, IT IS YOUR CHOICE. Let no one guilt you into being natural or straight, into covering your gray or coloring it. Too many people feel vested in other peoples business because they want company, or your money. Your hair is no different than a necklace or a pair of shoes. They are yours, do what you like, for the sake of fashion, for the sake of change, for the sake of choice. Let those who want to look the same their entires lives do what they want. That's their business as well!
Food for thought: if your not happy with any aspect of your life take a look at the people you surround yourself with. Are they happy? Are they pushing you to be better, do they inspire you? Where do they have you hanging out? What do the encourage you to eat? Are they moving up the ladder to Succes? Are they, supportive, compassionate, ambitious, giving? Who you surround yourself with can make a great impact on your life, for the better, or worse. Open your eyes!
I talk to so many people who's circumstances aren't right and they all have one thing in common. They blame everyone including the enemy, but will never look in the mirror. Sometime a little introspection and meditation can uncover new energy and different paths. It's not always as hard as people make it!