Thursday, October 29, 2015

I teach my daughters, granddaughters and whomever else I  can, to be comfortable in their own skin. As a black women this is particularly important but, the understanding of comfortable in your own skin can be perceived in different ways. For me as a father and grandfather it means  to embrace what God gave you, but at the same time, be who you want to be. If you love your kinky curly hair then by all means rock it. If you want to change up and be bald, blonde, weaved, loc it, relaxed, braided, IT IS YOUR CHOICE. Let no one guilt you into being natural or straight, into covering your gray or coloring it. Too many people feel vested in other peoples business because they want company, or your money. Your hair is no different than a necklace or a pair of shoes. They are yours, do what you like, for the sake of fashion, for the sake of change, for the sake of choice. Let those who want to look the same their entires lives do what they want. That's their business as well!

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