Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friends and Business

  I had a close friend that I gave a huge discount to. After a  year or so of cutting and coloring her hair, I decided to reduce the discount, I still didn't charge her full price, but had to start somewhere. The funny thing is that we both can't really remember why she got such a large discount, but for whatever reason she did not like my decision.
  She told me we were not friends anymore. First of all we had stopped talking like we used to, and had really became friendly, intead of friends. I had to really look at my decision and see if I was being unfair. Then I said, wait a minute, is it me or is it you. Did you just call me a friend because I gave you a great price? Did you not appriciate my expertice, my 28 years of experience, all the compliments you recieved?
  I had to look at who I was talking to, a beautifyl girl, bright and sunny personality, but she had no friends. Is this how you handle a difference of opinion. "loose my number". No wonder you have no friends.
  Ultimately I did loose a client and a friend. It makes me sad, but I can't compimise my standards, my craft, my achievements, to hold on to a so called friend. The funny thing is if she needed, or still needs anything, I would be the first to come running. A friend is someone who never lets you down, not someone you use!

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