Monday, June 13, 2011

Color Me

  Hair coloring is one of my passions I've been a colorist for 20 years, but really did not excel until I joined the Joico Color Team about 12 years ago. I worked with Joico as an educator for 3 years, training other hairstylist to use Joico properly.
 One of the most rewarding services I provide is one in which a woman can leave my salon brand new. I watch them leave and,  the walk is different, they feel beautiful. I love that but, there are rules that must be followed or the results can cause dryness and breakage.
  First lets understand the rules of color. A color rinse lasts from shampoo to shampoo, about a week, very temporary. A simi permanent color lasts about four weeks and is meant to brighten, add a different hue, or enhance an existing shade. Demi permanent color lasts six to eight weeks, has no ammonia, but does have a tiny amount of peroxide. Demi is best for gray coverage. None of these colors lighten hair they only deposit color.
 Now permanent color is mixed with , 10, 20, 30, 40, volume peroxide. The lowest volume makes the color permanent but only deposits color, there is no lightening. Great for making hair darker,or enhancing existing color. The other volumes increase the lightening power the higher you go but, the higher you go the dryer you get.
  I try not to use 30 and 40 on relaxed hair but, there in lies the dilemma. Most women who want color do want to go light and can't get the lighter shades if they are relaxed. Natural hair, if in good shape can go as light as the client wants.
 Then you have bleach which can cause extreme damage if not used professionally. Permanent color only lightens hair four to five shades. If you want the blond shades the hair has to be prelightened and then the shade of color you want is then applied. What we do is create a clear pallet to paint. Not recommended for relaxed hair.                                                                                                              Now deep conditioning is a must. Hot oil treatments and protein conditioners should be alternated every shampoo. A good leave in conditioner should be used before you dry your hair. Serums work well to add moisture and protect the hair from the elements.
 The texture of your hair makes all the difference in the world, that's why your color should  always be done by a pro. If you have inconsistencies in your relaxer, ( different textures), dry or frizzy natural hair of fine hair, you need extra attention.
  Do your research color can change your life or, just change the texture and quality of your hair.

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