Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Mistress

  I have a mistress, I admit it. We've been together for almost 32 years. She has never cheated on me in all this time. I've had many girlfriends and two wives since we've been together, but she knows how special she is to me. If you ever see a glaze in my eye or I'm temporarily lost during a conversation it's because I'm thinking of her. I study her all the time trying to think of new ways to please her, new ways to add spice to our relationship. I have to keep it new at all costs, because I can't let her get board with me. In turn she constantly challenges me to give her more, to keep it new, to surprise her with my imagination. I don't know what I would do without her, she has made me the man that I am today, and to my very core I thank her for the passion she has given my life. This is a relationship that will never be broken.
  I wish sometimes I could show others how to succeed in a relationship for so long, no matter what else happens in your life. The concentration, consistency, determination, dedication, and love we have for each other has kept our bond as strong as steel. In this life time and on to the next I will never let her go.
My Mistress.....HAIRSTYLING!

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  1. Hi Marvin, I knew who your mistress was after the first 3 sentences ;-) but your writing just kept pulling me in you have such a good way with words. Just subbed enjoying your post gotta catch up on the past ones.. Have a blessed day.