Friday, October 17, 2014

A Salon Like This

I've been a hairstylist for 32 years and I've never been in a salon like this. Three dozen hairstylists, some employees, some commission, and some renters all under one roof. One family that actually acts like family. Kisses and hugs greet you in the morning and again nightly when you leave. Hairstyling By Joseph is a black owned and black operated full hair service salon in the middle of the most famous city in the world. With eight thousand five hundred square feet we cater to all hair types and textures and provide just about every hair service. The salon has been in business over fifty years and the family grew up in the business, so when I tell you it's like being with family it is. I'm the Director of Independent artists at the Solon, looking out for the needs of the renter, individual business owners. I remember when most salons didn't want renters because they were to independent and wouldn't abide by the rules of the salon. We, however have been blessed with a group of individuals who are as professional as you could ask. Marvin A. Carrington president of MACSTYLE Inc has finally found a home!

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