Friday, October 17, 2014

A Hairstylist

   A hairstylist used to be looked down on, and looked at as a basic service job. Even in the eighties we had hair Gods, but the average hairstylist was just a servant with a few extra skills. Then with the plethora of cuts, colors and styles, we began to emerge as artists. No longer looked down upon people flocked to the beauty schools to become icons. It was all about the cut and education and technique  The weaving industry changed hairstyling even more because hairstylists provided a service that couldn't be done at home. Now the hair guru's were getting agents and being driven around in black cars and flying everywhere, on TV and in articles. 
  Fast forward to today. There is a natural hair movement gong on, You Tube is teaching just about every hair service. All the clients that wer fliocking to salons are missing hairlines, thinning from weaves and laces fronts. Dried out from color done at home and by stylists that are not colonists. Disillusioned by stylist who think they are doctors so they charge accordingly, and by hours in the salon waiting to be serviced because of that sew in.
  Today a hairstylist has to be more than just a hairstylist. Not only is education important, but marketing, business, scheduling, artistry, precision, honesty, integrity, all go hand in hand toward a stylists success.
  The consumer has many more options, there are no more gods with lines of people waiting. 
Today it's all about good old service.

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