Monday, February 15, 2010

She Had Beautiful Hair

A woman came to me 2 years ago with beautiful hair, but did not like the way her hairstylist styled it. So I offered some suggestions and thus began a wonderful relationship. Then the economy went crazy and her hours got cut almost in half. I saw her once a week, then once a month, then once every six weeks, than occationaly. In between she would go to the neighborhood salons and go to the drug store to purchase products. When she did come to me it was in shame because of something she did to her hair, or the wrong product that was used, or something they did around her way. Her hair started to shed and break. I explained to her why I do what I do. The relationships I have with some of my clients go back 25 years. I am here to make sure you look good. Don't be afraid to call me just because you can't pay. Information from me is free. I will tell you what to use and wat not to use. What products to buy, and what not to try in your hair. I will even tell you how to let someone else do your hair.
Now her hair is beautiful again!

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